Let’s talk about some of the most respected, well-known businesses, brands and companies. 

First, you have Apple. Apple took the world by storm decades ago, but they remain just as relevant in almost everyone’s eyes today. When you think of Apple, you think of sleek lines, of modern technology. 

When you think of Google, you think of bright colors and forward thinking. 

What about Coca-Cola, IBM or Starbucks? Also think of brands like Microsoft, Shell and Disney. 

In general, you might call to mind cutting-edge technology and eye-catching logos when you think of all those companies. But why do they stand out so much? How did they get to that point of becoming household names? Household names that you recognize at first glance, walking down any street or through any mall? 

It wasn’t any one thing. One of the most important parts of building a business that people want to come to time and again? It’s a matter of physical appearance. Not necessarily yours as an individual, but keeping your business and its property in top-notch condition. 

This is why you need commercial lawn care. You need a landscaping company to give your business’s property the facelift it deserves. 

Why is Lawn Maintenance Important

Why is Lawn Maintenance Important?

Growing up, and even to this day, you hear the phrase: 

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” 

While it sounds great, it doesn’t always turn out that way. This is not a bad thing, though. People do not want to spend their hard-earned money doing business with a company that has a shabby exterior. 

But we’ll get more into that later on. 

Think of your personal property. Do you let your front or back lawn get overgrown? Do you let weeds overrun your yard, ignoring lawn management altogether? Or do you mow your lawn, trim your hedges and water your plants? When you have a big project to do, or a renovation, do you ignore it or do you take advantage of landscaping services?

Lawn maintenance, and commercial lawn care if you cannot take care of your entire property on your own, is important for many reasons. But why do you think it’s important, similar to how you might think your own yard is important? 

Some of it is pride for the business you created, and the desire to keep it in tip-top shape. Or, it could be a passion you have for having things look nice. Below, we talk more about the key benefits of commercial lawn care, commercial lawn mowing and commercial landscaping. So keep reading. 

What Services Do Commercial Lawn Care Companies Provide?

Commercial lawn care, and commercial landscape services, have a lot to offer you and your business. All these services they provide are ones that you cannot simply complete on your own. 

You will not have the right tools or professional experience that you need to get these sorts of jobs done. 

What are these big-ticket items that a commercial lawn service company might offer to you? Why do they matter at all? 

Let’s explore right now. 

Soil Testing

You and your landscaping service cannot know where to begin if they do not know the fundamentals of your lawn. 

Sure, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your business property’s lawn. But as with any endeavor, you have to do your research first. 

Think of soil testing as the research that your commercial lawn care team does before they make any big steps to improve your business’s landscaping. 

A professional crew will come in and figure out what makes up your soil. The soil test tells them the pH of your soil right now. It also shows them what micronutrients and macronutrients exist organically in your soil and lawn. 

Then, you will know what you can do to start at the source and improve your soil, which is exactly how you fix any immediate problems and can get started with the fun stuff. 

Natural Aeration

You have to aerate your commercial lawn if you live in a humid or a dry area. Otherwise, you are preventing the appropriate levels of moisture, air and nutrients to get to your grass’s roots. 

Natural aeration is different from mechanical aeration. With mechanical aeration, your crew will use a machine to “drill” holes into your soil. 

With natural aeration, however, there are certain solutions that commercial lawn care companies will apply to your lawn. First, you need a soil test to determine if you even need to go through the aeration process at all. 

If you do, these solutions help to penetrate and treat your lawn for healthy growth. 

Irrigation Systems

There are different types of irrigation systems depending on your commercial lawn care needs. 

Smaller-sized properties, or even personal properties, use surface irrigation systems. These types use either a hose or a watering can so the water can penetrate the soil, all the way down to the roots. While you could potentially take this on yourself, it takes a lot of time, hard labor and uneven water distribution. 

Drip irrigation is great for smaller areas of your larger property. In this case, you would have your landscaping team install tubes with emitters. Those tubes drip a steady stream of water into the base of the plants. 

Weed Control

We mentioned earlier that you would not just let weeds run rampant in your lawn at home. So why would you let that happen to your commercial lawn? 

You cannot turn to a store-bought jug for large-scale weed control. A weed wacker will not cut it either. 

Weed control as commercial lawn care is your best bet. 

If you do not have weed control, you run the risk of letting your entire lawn deteriorate before your very eyes. 

Pest and Bug Control

You may only think of pest and bug control as something that happens inside your property. But you need it for your exterior, too. 

Mice, ticks, flies, wasps and more are lurking around your business’s exterior. A surefire way to turn off customers and potential customers at your business is to let those critters be. 

Commercial pest and bug control can fix that for you. 

Soil Fertilization

At home, you probably grab a bag of fertilizer from your local home improvement store. You apply that fertilizer to your backyard and potted plants. 

That approach does not work for your commercial property. 

You need to fertilize your soil often. It is also a complicated process where the experts need to come in to make sure you do it right. 


Seeding is the process of scattering grass seeds across your lawn. The point here is to fill in and fluff up those dry, patchy areas of grass. 

Do you think you don’t need seeding because you cannot find any dead areas in your yard? Think again. 

Seeding will still help you to grow your existing grass for that perfect, plush look around your lawn. It also prevents weed growth and bug infestations. 

5 Reasons Commercial Lawn Care Services Are a Good Investment

5 Reasons Commercial Lawn Care Services Are a Good Investment

Let’s get into the nitty gritty. 

Here are the five reasons you need to invest in commercial lawn care services

They Increase Property Value

You always want to boost property value. Otherwise, you are not getting much of a return on investment for the business you started, defeating the entire purpose. 

If you ever move locations, you are way more likely to sell your property if you stand apart from the competition with quality landscaping. 

They Can Improve Safety and Security

Lighting, privacy from trees and other landscaping features make your property safer and more secure. 

Your employees and customers will benefit from this feeling of security. 

That increased feeling of safety and security leads to employees who look forward to coming into work and customers who can’t wait to continue doing business with your company. 

That turns into more money for you, and employees with higher levels of productivity. 

They Help Attract Business Prospects

We talked about this earlier, but it is important to note again. 

Potential customers are more willing to (and excited about!) stepping into your business to start a working relationship if you have quality commercial lawn care. 

This makes your business more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. 

They Add Space

Having the right level of care for your property can give the illusion of more open space. 

For example, if you add trees in a certain area, it can feel more like you have a big outdoor area. 

This is something else that contributes to a more appealing property. 

They Lift Morale to Boost Productivity

There is a lot of research out there that shows productivity levels of your employees will increase when around natural elements. 

Say that you add calming accents outside, like more greenery or a patio. Your team will understand that you support a happy, healthy mindset. That only leads to a team that wants to work harder and get more done. 

Are You Ready for High-Quality Commercial Lawn Care Services

Are You Ready for High-Quality Commercial Lawn Care Services?

You should be. You deserve it. Your customers also deserve to do business with a company that cares about its appearance for their sake. 

At Exscape Designs, we always work to bring your landscaping vision to life. Don’t take our word for it; check out our Portfolio to see what we can do for you. 

We can help you with commercial lawn care and snow removal, or any residential landscaping dream you have. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us at Exscape Designs today. 

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