Out of all the landscaping installations, you can add to your residential property, there is only one your kids will be clamoring for. No, it is probably not a new landscape bed or a privacy shrub. Every kid across America is jealous of their neighbor who has a backyard pool. We understand that they are not for everyone, and there are a lot of concerns about cost, maintenance, and space. However, pool design and installation are one of our primary services, so we are a little biased. We wanted to use this blog to give you 5 reasons why all your neighbors will be jealous of you and your new pool.

Addition of Property Value

As a responsible homeowner, we would never fault you for looking toward the future and how your landscaping can affect it. When it comes to a pool, you might think that for many the added maintenance cost and hassle might turn them away from buying your property. However, you should be happy to hear that the situation is to the contrary. Statistically, pools raise property value, and it is as simple as that.

Endless Outdoor Entertainment

Do you have any desire to host friends and family for a night of fun? If so, there is no better place to do it than the home with the pool. Additionally, rather than sending your kids off to a neighbor’s house, you can keep them and the rest of the neighborhood friends under your supervision, hanging out at your pool.

Efficient Exercise

Have you ever watched the Olympics and wondered how swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte were so big? Not just big, but ripped and muscular! The answer is literally just swimming. It is one of the most efficient and compound workouts you can do, hitting many different muscle groups for both strength and endurance training.

Mental Health and Stress Relief

These days stress can come from anywhere. School, work, or even the weight of social media. With that, everyone needs an easy way to deal with stress. Installing a pool might be a stressful process, but once it has been installed, it is sure to be the opposite. Throw on some music and go for a night swim to relax the muscles.

5 Reasons Why All Your Neighbors Will Be Jealous Of Your New Pool Design

Neighbors Jealous of the Creative Design

With Exscape you can select from a wide range of creative pool designs. These range from rectangular to free-form, offering amenities from waterfalls to pool seating. Whatever the choice is, we are sure that the next-door neighbors will be jealous of your new pool for these 5 reasons and will be taking a peek at your new addition.

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