Landscape lighting is one of the most versatile decorating tools that a designer has at his or her disposal. Lighting not only adds function and improves safety, but it can be the perfect finishing touch on a stunning outdoor design. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should add lighting to your outdoor landscape:


Increase safety. A dark, unlit yard can be dangerous for you and your family, and especially treacherous for guests unfamiliar with your home. Lighting can be used to illuminate your landscape. Small light posts can be placed along walkways or pool decks. String lighting or spotlights can also be used to add light to dark corners or staircases. If your guests can clearly see where they are going at any time of day, it will greatly reduce your worries about someone tripping or falling.


Improve security. A bright, well-lit yard signals to passersby and neighbors that you maintain and care for your property. This can be a deterrent to potential criminals, who might be seeking properties that look dark and vacant.


Extend function. If you can use your outdoor areas safely only until the sun goes down, that puts a significant hamper on any gathering! With the addition of landscape lighting, you can entertain and enjoy your outdoor space at any time.


Accent your yard’s beauty. Outdoor lighting enhances the existing beauty of your landscape in the early morning or evening. For example, lighting can be used to highlight a water feature, such as shining a spotlight on a waterfall or casting a glow around a garden pond. Or, perhaps there is an outdoor statue that you choose to illuminate as a focal point. A talented landscape designer will help you determine how to use lighting to accent the beauty of your outdoor space.


Improve curb appeal—even after dark. Just as landscape lighting can serve as a security feature for your home, it also can be a way to add instant curb appeal. Lighting can be incorporated into the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space in a way that will illuminate and showcase the exterior beauty of your home.


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