5 Design Tips For A Small Outdoor Space

Are you struggling to come up with design ideas for your small outdoor space? Whether you have a petite back lawn or deck, or a small concrete balcony or patio, there are many design elements that you can employ to make the most of your space. Here are some of our favorite design tips to maximize your small space’s potential.


Incorporate color. Just because a space is small, it does not need to be boring! You can add personality through a meaningful use of color. A bold patio umbrella can add a pop of color while serving double duty as a source of shade. Repaint old furniture for a new look. A bright, colorful space is an inviting space, no matter the size.


Make it cozy. You can turn a small space into a comfortable, relaxing area to read the morning paper with a cup of coffee or relax with a book on a cool summer evening. Soft cushions and pillows on your existing furniture will make the space cozier and more appealing.


Add a tiny table. Rather than crowding your space with regular-sized furniture, consider a bistro table, which is much smaller but still serves its purpose as a place for one or two people to gather for meals. Or, add a tiny end table, which will give you enough space to set down a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.


Be creative with plants. You can add greenery to your space in a variety of ways, from potted plants to a mounted window box. Greenery can serve as the décor for your small space and define its boundaries. For example, potted plants on either corner of a staircase can highlight the entry to a deck or patio.


Use a floor covering, like a rug, to define your space. An outdoor rug can serve multiple purposes. For one, it will add color and design appeal to your space. For another, it can divide a small space, such as designating one area for dining and another for lounging or sunbathing.


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