We believe that everyone should be able to access swimming pools. 

Remember when you were in elementary school? Think of a Friday at the end of the school year. Your classmate pal starts handing out invitations with shiny stickers all over them. And alas: Your name is on one. A pool party is in your future. Excellent

Or what about exercise pools for folks who take water aerobics classes due to medical or bodily limitations on traditional exercise? 

There are endless opportunities to enjoy an indoor or outdoor pool. And as fun as that first scenario sounds, not everyone can participate in situations like that. Or, maybe they don’t want to. 

And to match those endless opportunities, there are Endless Pools. 

What is an Endless Pool

What is an Endless Pool?

Endless Pools serve as a solution for many of the challenges that come with a full-sized, large pool. 

An Endless Pool is a twist on the typical water pool. They are stationary pools. In other words, you get in your laps for your exercise regimen without ever having to move much of your body. They have a propulsive current that lets you swim for forever (“endlessly”). You do not even have to make any turns to swim in Endless Pools. 

They act as sorts of resistance pools where the current of the water works in your favor. You can also adjust the current of the pool with a single button so that you can keep up with your desired speed. 

The Elite Endless Pools models can go up to a speed of 00:51/100 yards. 

Let’s talk about some key differences between classic pools and Endless Pools. 

First, Endless Pools are not cheap pools, but they are less expensive than many of your more standard swimming pools. 

They are also much smaller than lap pools, so they are easier to install when you do not have a ton of space to work with. Also, you can install Endless Pools or an Endless Pools Swim Spa indoors or outdoors with relative ease. 

Are They Worth it?

Whether or not Endless Pools are worth it for you depends on your lifestyle. 

How much space do you have in the area you are looking to install a pool in? This could be indoors or outdoors. For the classic Endless Pool, measuring around 8 x 15 feet, experts recommend that you find a space of 10 x 18 feet at minimum for installation. 

It also might be worth it if you are an amateur or pro athlete looking for an at-home training solution. Instead of looking for a huge pool to do your laps in, you can install Endless Pools for a different approach that you do not have to wait very long for to start using. 

With those advantages, there are of course a few disadvantages. 

For example, if you are a triathlete or a competitive swimmer, you often need to work on your pushes off the wall, starts and other specific techniques. But since Endless Pools are smaller and stationary structures, you cannot accomplish that with them. 

And like we said, they are not as big as your average, traditional pool. But they do still take up a decent bit of room on your property. 

Finally, you have to make a pretty big upfront investment to install one. 

Weigh the pros and cons, then decide if Endless Pools are the best bet for your unique needs and vision. 

Are Endless Pools Safe for Kids?

If you are asking this same question, there are a few things you have to consider. 

No matter what body of water your child is near, there is always a risk of drowning and general danger. You have to keep an eye on your kids when they are near any pool, lake, ocean or whatever it may be. 

So the best idea when it comes to Endless Pools would be to keep an eye on your little ones if they are playing around in or near your pool. 

And if you can keep a watchful eye on them, Endless Pools could be the perfect place to teach your children how to swim and learn to be comfortable in the water. 

Who Uses Endless Pools?

Endless Pools are a popular choice among plenty of people who want to use it for their regular exercise and dose of fun. 

But there are also some other groups of people who use them for particular purposes. For example, university swim team students and Olympic training programs use them for both training and research purposes

Here are some other groups of people who use Endless Pools: 

  • Triathletes 
  • Runners 
  • Amateur or professional athletes, like basketball players, tennis players, cross country runners and track stars 
  • Motorsports athletes and enthusiasts 
  • Injured people who need non-stressful exercise techniques 
  • Those who are in recovery after undergoing surgery 
  • And many, many more 

Some Major Advantages of Endless Pools

So why, though, are these pools getting so popular? Why are people using them, over other types of classic pools? 

Let’s explore below. 

Keep reading for the top five serious advantages of Endless Pools that are now turning traditional-pool goers into Endless Pool diehards. 

Provide Realistic Water Conditions for Triathletes

Are you a triathlete? Do you want to start training to become one? 

You have to consider the fact that swimming in regular lap pools will not give you an accurate representation of triathlon water conditions. 

It is a rare day that you encounter smooth water as you race. Luckily, Endless Pools give you some more turbulence to work with in your training, impersonating open water’s currents. 

You get a level of resistance to prep yourself for with these types of current-adjustable pools. Then, you can adjust the current as you move forward with your training. And a lot of the time, standard lap pools cause you trouble with your transitions. Not with an Endless Pool, though. 

Serve as Multipurpose Tools

Serve as Multipurpose Tools

This may be the biggest advantage of these types of pools. Instead of a plain-old pool, they become multipurpose tools for all your physical needs. 

Think about the fact that with normal pools, you would not install one if you wanted to use it for anything other than swimming. But you get to flip that around with an Endless Pool. 

You can use them for: 

  • Relaxation, similar to a jacuzzi or hot tub 
  • A kind of mental therapy to promote clarity and healing 
  • Muscle recovery 
  • Aquatic therapy as a form of physical therapy 
  • Boosting stamina 
  • Improving your balance 
  • Helping you to become more flexible 
  • Reducing the swelling and maybe even the pain that comes from an injury 
  • Better blood flow 
  • Low-impact exercise if you need this because of aging or limited physical ability 
  • Cross-training 
  • And almost anything else you can think of

They Are Practical

Let’s think about a few scenarios where having an Endless Pool would be much more practical for you. 

Do you have several tiny tots that you pack in your car and take to the pool every summer day? On the opposite side, you may now be an empty nester. Either way, the pool might be pretty far away from where you live. Getting to the actual pool could feel like a hassle every time. 

Maybe your local pool is always packed full of other people taking up the lanes. If you need to train, that gets to be an issue. 

There is also the issue of bacteria in public swimming pools that might turn you off; we get it. Or maybe you just do not love spending too much of your time around a lot of other people and pool-goers. 

Practicality wins when you have a pool of your own. 

Great for Targeted Training Sessions

Great for Targeted Training Sessions

Endless Pools have mirrors at the bottom of them, so you can look out for what to improve as you train in them. 

But you also give your trainers or coaches a close-up when they have to observe your technique. 

This means you can change up your workout routine, per their suggestions, to deliver the best results for your training or coaching program. 

Controllable Current

As you know, you can adjust the strength and speed of the current in these pools. 

This means you get to work with the best approach you need for your health, without straining your body or joints. 

Plus, swimming is an excellent way to burn calories without hurting yourself as you would with high-impact and high-intensity sports and exercise. 


No matter your needs, we know that you dream of luxury in your home and in your backyard. 

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