After a long winter, there is nothing better than taking the time to sit outside with friends and family on your deck. For that reason, each year outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular, with touches that reflect the way that you and your family live and your personal style. Would you like to add your own personal touches to your deck? Here are four ways to give your patio or deck space a unique feel:
1. Add some color. If your home is filled with color, then bring that palette out into your yard. From plantings that surround your deck with the same colors of your home,deck-structure to tinted stains and paints that match your indoor décor, adding color is a way to give your deck a personal touch. For those who are just getting started adding color, try incorporating brightly colored cushions or pillows into your deck area. They are a great, temporary touch that can be changed as you wish.
2. Incorporate a fire pit. Adding a fire pit or a fireplace can be a great way to integrate a central focus to your home’s outdoor landscaping; extending the season you & your family can enjoy the outdoors. Added adjacent to your deck, these focal points developed by a landscape designer can not only add function to your outdoor living space, but can provide a place to gather. A fire pit doesn’t have to be a standard wood burning, circular area, either. Consider using a natural gas fire pit or one that is raised above ground with dedicated seating for a unique approach.
3. Bring plantings close to your deck area, or even in it! If you love the idea of getting away, then walking out of your back door into a deck area that looks like it has been taken from another geographical area may be just what you have in mind.  Instead of using smaller plantings near the deck area, consider adding large plantings right up to the edge.  You can even cut out areas of the deck and plant trees and other foliage in the middle of the deck.  This will give your patio area a real vacation feel to it – you won’t even know that you are at home!
4. Replace your deck material with something new. Decks and patios no longer are always made of pressure treated lumber.  While that is still a great option, there are other ways to create a deck or patio area.  Stone materials, pea gravel and even grass can create a deck area that seamlessly moves away from your home.  Dining areas are particularly lovely on grass and stone pavers can be interspersed with perennial ground covers for a truly unique look.
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