Having a great design is just the first step in any hardscape project such as an outdoor kitchen, walkway, patio, fire pit, fountain, spa, deck and/or pool.

Just as every team needs a utility player, we here at Exscape need a utility machine which we use to accomplish multiple tasks.


That machine is the excavator.

An invaluable tool, the excavator can accomplish the following tasks in a fraction of the time it would take without one.

Exscape Number 1 Demolition – These machines are essentially built for these types of heavy-duty tasks. They can accomplish everything from breaking and/or removing concrete sidewalks to in-ground pools and even retaining walls.
Exscape Number 2 Grading – Using its range of motion, an excavator can shape the contours in the ground which we need in the installation process. It also provides us with the ability to backfill, compact and level the ground.
Exscape Number 3 Trenching/Ripping/Augering – These three tasks are somewhat similar. Trenching is usually done in the process of installing irrigation systems. Ripping is a quick way to open up large areas of ground to prepare a site for planting. Augering is perfect for installing fence posts and planting trees.
Exscape Number 4 General Tasks – An excavator also aids us in quickly loading materials and moving large plant life such as trees or large amounts of stone, brick, ceramic tile and wood or composite decking. This allows us to keep projects on time and within budget.

For all of these reasons our excavator is more than just a machine. It is our secret weapon which we consider part of our team.


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