Landscape lighting is often an afterthought on an outdoor living project. However, given the fact that it not only aesthetically enhances the space but also makes it more functionally usable, it’s fair to say that landscape lighting isn’t getting the attention it really deserves. Adding landscape lighting to your outdoor project is a very valuable addition that is going to greatly enhance your overall space.


Let’s look at 3 specific ways in which landscape lighting improves your property.


1. Landscape Lighting Makes Your Space Functional

Step And Walkway LightingFar and away, the number one reason you’re probably considering lighting up your outdoor living space is to make it usable in the evening hours. If your outdoor kitchen or patio is not well lit, then it’s not easily usable once the sun goes down. You’ll be fumbling around in the dark rather than enjoying the space to its fullest.

Of course, the quality of the job counts. A few poorly placed spotlights are not going to make your space highly functional. That’s why you want to work with a landscape designer who will pay attention to details so that your space is appropriately lit to see what you’re doing.

For instance, in an outdoor kitchen you’re going to want to be sure you have lights shining on your countertop so that you can see if prepping food. Even a simple task such as cutting limes for a beverage could be made difficult without proper lighting. And getting from point A to point B around your property could be unsafe without good lighting. You’ll also want to be sure that your seating areas are well-lit and that any walkways or stairs around the space are easily traversable because of being properly lit up. We’ll explore that point further, next. 


Deck Stairwell Landscape Lighting

2. Landscape Lighting Creates Safety and Security

Another extension of the functional purpose of landscape lighting is safety and security. These benefits are so important that we believe they deserve to be their own point. That’s because without a well-lit property, your outdoor living space can actually be dangerous. Stairs pose trip-and-fall threats that could lead to an injury—and, therefore, also pose a liability. And if you have a pool area, it’s vital that it’s well lit so that there’s no risk to inadvertently falling in while hanging out on the pool deck

In addition to safety, a well-lit property is also more secure. Burglars are a lot less likely to take a chance trespassing on a well-lit property than they are a dark one. If you have your outdoor spaces lit up, chances are they’re going to move on to another property that’s in the dark.


3. Landscape Lighting Provides Artistic Appeal

Sidewalk Landscape LightingSimply put, landscape lighting makes your outdoor area look beautiful after the sun goes down—assuming it was designed with a professional and artistic approach. This might mean choosing to uplight some of your trees to accentuate their trunk and canopy. You might also choose to downlight certain trees which is also referred to as “moonlighting.” In downlighting, light fixtures are attached under the canopy of the tree where they shine down, providing a romantic feel.

If you have a pool area, you can also use landscape lighting to create a resort-like feel to your space in the evening hours. Lighting should be subtle and appealing, making the pool a space that is beautiful to look at while sharing a late-night drink on the patio or even viewing it from a window inside of your home.

While we’ve mostly focused on the backyard, all of these benefits apply to the front yard, as well. The artistic appeal associated with subtly lighting the trees or architectural features on the front of your home is going to boost curb appeal. In addition, getting from your driveway to your front door will be made safer—and more welcoming—with the proper lighting.


Working with a Professional

While a lot of landscape companies may claim to do landscape lighting, you want to be sure to work with a professional that not only has an eye for design but has the skill and know-how to properly install landscape lighting. Although you can purchase cheap outdoor lights from a big box store, by working with a professional, you’ll get high quality light fixtures and LED lightbulbs which will not only look better but will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting expert, we invite you to explore what Exscape Designs has to offer.


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