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Are you looking for a way to increase the beauty and overall safety of your home? If you are, then there is no better way than to add custom lighting options that highlight your home and provide additional safety. At Exscape Designs, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions that can make your home and landscaping more lovely as well as providing additional protection for your family. Here are three ways that lighting can improve your home:


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Lighting is the best way to increase nighttime curb appeal. If you have ever visited a home that has taken advantage of professional lighting installation, then you know how it can improve the look of a home. LED lights can highlight not only the landscaping details of your home, but the overall décor and the architectural design.


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Adding lighting can net you more profit if you sell your home. Many home buyers put a high premium on homes that have outdoor lighting. In fact, experts say that a home with outdoor lighting can have an additional 20% in value in the eyes of home buyers. Given the fact that many home viewings are at night, the appearance of your home and landscaping will be much more positive if your home is professionally lit.


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Having professional lighting can make your family safer. Criminals look for dark areas in which to hide and to investigate homes. When you install custom home lighting, you eliminate a lot of the opportunities for malicious actions. Additionally, having nighttime lighting can make your guests feel more comfortable enjoying time in the backyard with excellent path lighting and lights near your pool, hot tub and in your fire pit area.


Lighting can make all the difference for your home. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of custom lighting, but you can profit when selling your home. Call 440.332.4196 today for more information!


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