With any home, the exterior is just as important as the interior of the house. It also requires the same amount of attention. Whether you own your home or are selling it, your yard still matters. 

Your home’s landscape design isn’t just for looks. It also plays a big part in the value of your home and the neighborhood you reside in. The exterior must fit your design preference and the needs of the family using it. With the summer weather coming in, you may be looking to improve the appearance of your home’s landscape installation. 

With that comes a lot of work and can be quite the job to tackle. This is where hiring a professional comes in handy. Their expertise will enhance the overall appearance and quality of your landscape construction. Here are 12 reasons why you need to hire landscape contractors. 

What is a Landscape Contractor?

A landscape contractor works on outdoor construction. They also design plans to install and build soft or hardscaping projects for their clients. Their area of expertise is to plan, design and preserve the land by refurbishing your home’s exterior. The role of a landscape contractor varies. 

They provide yard maintenance in addition to larger-scale projects and outdoor architecture. The top landscape companies are experts in soil drainage, grading, hardscaping and planting. They work with bigger hardscape features and do amazing work in upkeeping your property. 

What Does a Landscape Contractor DoWhat Does a Landscape Contractor Do?

Landscaping contractors provide services to both commercial and residential customers in private and public areas. They create outdoor spaces by planting gardens or constructing hard landscaping features. They can take on several different roles and involve many stages.


Planning is a step that landscape contractors won’t ever miss. They survey the property to understand the lay of the land. This makes it easier to transfer to paper or a software program so they can begin the design process. Landscape contractors must plan the details of the budget, timeline and materials to thoroughly complete the project. 

Often, when working on large projects, landscaping contractors might need to hire subcontractors for specialized tasks like plumbing or electrical work. There might even be regulations or setbacks existing on the property that you weren’t aware of. In this case, the contractor will work out any of the issues by working with the town.


Designing is a collaborative effort between you and the contractor. This step normally takes the longest to complete. Landscape contractors will use all the information to create design concepts with rough budgets for both of you to review. 

They will listen to all of your feedback and make any necessary changes, additions or sacrifices. A landscape contractor will help you find all the right pieces to add to your property. This is all to ensure your property’s curb appeal and get the most accurately detailed design as the finished product.


Landscape construction is permanent to semi-permanent installations and is the foundational work of design projects. It’s a major part of a landscape or hardscape contractor’s job. You should consider it an investment in your home. It includes the hardscape aspects of building large features and softscape aspects that change your property’s overall appearance.

Hardscape features may include outdoor kitchens, wood decks, walkways, firepits or water fountains. Softscape features may include decorative gardens, shrubs, vines, rocks and trees. 

Arbor Care and Horticulture

In this stage, landscape contractors help with designing, maintaining and caring for softscape features like trees and shrubs. Replacement and removal contribute to the overall health of those features. This will help shape your property and increase its value and curb appeal. 

Top 12 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Contractor or Designer

Top 12 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Contractor or Designer

It’s crucial to hire a landscape contractor, landscape drainage contractor or landscape company when dealing with your house’s exterior. Here are 12 reasons why: 

1. Professional Service

Hiring a professional landscaper means that you get professional service. They know the ins and outs of yard maintenance and are particular about their craft. They have studied the field well and are experts on it. Because of this, they guarantee you a realistic insight into the project. 

Professionals also know the best plants to use for your particular climate. They will ensure that you get the landscape design you want.

2. Time-Saver

This benefit is obvious because you may be a busy person or want to spend time doing something else. If you’re not highly skilled, doing a landscaping project yourself is incredibly time-consuming. 

Hiring a professional can allow you to sit and watch your landscape undergo a beautiful transformation.

3. Idea Generation

Landscape contractors are full of ideas due to their training and the quality of the kind of person they are. Many creative aspects go into landscaping. The ability to spin one idea into a new and improved idea is a unique talent of design professions. So, to create the ideal living space, they combine the art and science of landscaping. 

They think about what colors work best with the exterior of your home. Landscape contractors can also take an idea you’ve had in mind and make it come to fruition for your yard.

4. Site Analysis

You can get a personal analysis of the needs of your yard to make a great appearance all year round. Each parcel of land is special and a part of a larger ecosystem. A professional has the skills to understand the macrocosm dictating the strokes of design and the microcosm details. 

5. Purchasing the Materials

It takes time to search for all the right materials, assuming you’d know which materials to use. Landscaping contractors have access and experience to use all the tools for the job. A landscaper knows how to get deals for buying the materials in large quantities. They also have the appropriate vehicles necessary to transport items from the market to your place.

6. Buying the Right Plants

Landscapers consider the type of plants that thrive in your location. They also consider the plants suited to the needs and aesthetics of your landscape. Landscape contractors help you to decide what steps are necessary to keep your yard looking amazing. Specific plants need more attention, while specific features need more maintenance.

 Landscapers have extensive knowledge about this.

7. Fewer Problems and Disorder

Landscapers can keep mess to a minimum and remove any existing disruptions as well. They know what will and won’t work. A landscaper experience will benefit you as a homeowner. You won’t have to do the job yourself and unintentionally make your landscaping look sloppy or badly planned.

Good Project Planning8. Achieve Your Desired Budget

A professional landscaping contractor will take your project budget and guide you through the pricing. They understand the cost of materials and the time to complete the project. Landscapers help you stay within your desired budget and make recommendations for ways to save your money. They will assure you that they’ll follow your set budget. 

9. Good Project Planning

Planning is the most crucial part of landscaping. Without it, you won’t get the best result. A professional landscape contractor knows the planning process and which elements will or will not work on your property. They know what’s possible and what isn’t. 

By working with them, you’ll know that the design developed is sustained. 

10. Expert Advice

There is still a lot you don’t know about your surroundings, and a landscaper will help you realize that. The knowledge they have on exterior design will help you improve your landscape. They can give you tips on how to lessen soil erosion if your home is on a steep slope. They’ll help you get a beautiful, safe and functional outdoor oasis. 

11. High Standards and Quality 

Landscaping contractors will put their best efforts into a project. This is because their reputation relies highly on their output. If the landscaper is of high standards they will ensure the work is of good quality. They’ll be sure to achieve your dream design without any worries or trouble on your part. 

12. After-sales Service

A landscaping contractor is knowledgeable in several areas of exterior design. As a result, they can offer a range of services from outdoor fire pits to irrigation systems. They can even build a backyard pool. After-sales, they can continue to provide you with any additional services or help.

Don’t neglect the exterior of your home. Doing so can cause many problems in the future. If you’re looking to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor oasis, Contact ExscapeDesigns today! Let our professionals give you the best-looking landscape design that no one else can.

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