Think about a garden water fountain. When you think of one, you might call to mind a luxury resort or a town square in your favorite boutique vacation town. 

But a water fountain is not just for the insanely wealthy or those who own hotels and resorts. In fact, it’s your ticket to turning your property into your own private oasis. The sound of gently running water, the pop that a water fountain will give your outdoor space. 

Today, we talk about the best outdoor water fountains for your exterior living space. 

Are Outdoor Water Fountains Worth it?

The question of whether or not an outdoor water fountain is “worth it” for you depends on a few things. 

First, if you want some outdoor decor in general, a water fountain is worth it. They are structurally sound and do not require much upkeep. Fountains also really add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard or front yard. 

But you may be thinking that a water fountain is not worth it because of the cost. Waterfalls and fountains have to be pricey, right? 

As a matter of fact, no. Sure, you are making an investment into your home’s property value. But there are options that work with every budget, not just the super generous ones. 

If you ever decide to sell your home, a water fountain seriously boosts curb appeal for potential buyers. But it does come down to your budget allowance and the type of home you have. So keep reading for more details on what types of garden fountains and backyard fountains work the best for your beloved piece of property. 

Are Water Fountains Expensive to Maintain

Are Water Fountains Expensive to Maintain?

In general, no, your water fountain will not cost you an arm and a leg to maintain. But let’s get more specific here. 

The cost of your water fountain for outdoor purposes as a whole varies. Some simpler designs cost as little as $75. Yet the more elaborate ones that will really give your home the pop you want? They can run you up to $2 thousand. 

And the latter, of course, requires more maintenance. This might include the top-of-the-line waterfall fountains with multiple tiers. 

But as a rule, the most money you will spend will be on the initial installation, not the maintenance. A lot of pools or man-made ponds on your property, for example, will cost far more in upkeep-related costs. This is because you have to take into consideration maintaining the clean water there. 

But a water fountain, on the other hand, does not have a lot of maintenance costs as it ages. 

Top 10 Best Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas for Every Budget

So without further ado, let’s get into the top 10 outdoor water fountain ideas. Here, you will find an option for every budget. Since we compiled this list with our expert opinion in mind, you do not have to spend much time stressing about all the options out there for you to pick from

1. Asian-Inspired Water Fountain

When you were younger, did you ever have one of those miniature Zen gardens? Maybe you have one on your work desk right now. 

They’re beautiful, sure, but they really don’t serve much of a purpose other than to fill up empty space or serve as a unique sort of stress ball. 

Did you like their design? Of course you did. And now, you can install a life-size water fountain version of them. 

Asian-inspired water fountains are simple, timeless and appealing. They give your landscape that extra something that you can draw your eye to. You have the option here for concrete as the building material, which is durable, clean-looking and easy to maintain. 

You can also accompany your Asian-inspired water fountain with plants of the same theme. 

Classic Statue Fountains

2. Classic Statue Fountains

Do you love statues as a piece of outdoor decor? We do, too. And you never have to settle for those average, expected statues that you see everywhere. A classic statue fountain proves that time and again. 

They can be formal and fancy. They can also be modern and unexpected. 

You can go for cherubs or mermaids, Greek women likenesses or brassy figures. Whatever you choose, you can have water flow from the statue to the below basin. Consider adding stunning greenery or colorful plants around your fountain here. 

This type of water fountain combines the relaxing sounds of trickling water with the elegant appeal of your stature or figurine of choice. Nobody will be able to help but spend time outside. 

3. Japanese-Inspired (Shishi-Odoshi) Water Fountain

You have two options if you want to garner inspiration from Japanese design. 

First, you can go for another concrete fountain, like the one we talked about above. A popular choice here is to line the basin of your fountain with pebbles or smooth stones. A picturesque sheet of water falls gracefully down the edge with a pedestal in the center. 

But our personal favorite is the Shishi-odoshi water feature. This consists of simple design that will never go out of style. 

A long spout, often made of bamboo, draws water into a basin crafted from stone. 

This design is inexpensive but looks like a million bucks. It brings a tranquil element to your outdoor space. And perhaps most appealing of all? It costs very little to maintain. 

4. Used Millstone Fountain

Millstone is a stone in the shape of a circle. It has a hollow hole in the center. Simple, yes, but eye-catching nonetheless. 

And what better way to draw focus to your home exterior than with a millstone fountain? It is a sustainable option that has water spraying from the center of your stone. It also combines rustic and modern design with an uneven top and the choice to put smooth stones both on top and at the foundation. 

5. Tiered-Spill Fountain

Though a traditional choice, a tiered-spill fountain shows us that tradition is still timeless. 

It adds a level of charm to your garden. Plus, it is simple enough to give you space to put pots full of plants around its foundation. 

6. Tabletop Water Fountains

Maybe you like the idea of traditional design, but you want to stand out even more. In comes the tabletop water fountain. 

It is simple and cost-effective, but still gives you that oomph you want for your home. All you really need for the basics is a water spout, a pot and a figurine if you so desire. The water spouts from the figurine into your pot. 

You can supplement its appearance with a colorful pot and floating flowers or plants. 

Wall-Mounted Echo Fountain

7. Wall-Mounted Echo Fountain

Maybe you want the allure of a fountain for your property but you do not have a lot of space. 

When this is the case, a wall-mounted echo fountain is the way to go. You can have all the glory of a relaxing waterfall in your fountain structure without the hassle of finding space in your yard. 

8. Anfora Water Fountain

The Anfora fountain gives you some spunky edge to your outdoor space. 

But you need to be sure you have the right amount of space for this urn-shaped fountain, made of stone ceramic. 

9. Natural Stone (Rock) Fountain

Do you love organic aesthetics? If so, the natural stone or rock fountain may be for you. 

It comes in the form of a natural stack of stones. But don’t doubt its simplicity! Its basin tucks away, hiding itself. You also do not need to worry much about upkeep here. 

10. Parisienne Two-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain

We finish with this luxurious take on a water fountain. It is huge, a true centerpiece in every sense of the word. 

Its installation takes a lot of time and effort. So too does its maintenance. But it is sure to make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. 


Those were not all the water fountains available. But they are the best ones. 

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